Meeting Laurie

❤️Hi everyone, welcome to my blog.

🤔I’m a thinker and I love getting all my thoughts down with many words to paint a picture.  I will tell you up front, I live through my words.  What does that mean?  I use lots of them in my blogs. I hope you don’t mind.

🖥But I have found that blogging is my creative outlet and allows to pen my thoughts, stories and dreams.  Did you know that blogging is very therapeutic?  It can help your  subconscious heal or take your mind to places you want to be.

❤️But my ultimate hope here is that I reach someone’s heart and my own.

☕️So grab a cup of coffee and come get to know me.  Chances are, I have mine and I’m reading blogs or typing one. I truly believe that sharing is caring.

💞Thanks for dropping by.

Hugs, Laurie


Laure's Thoughts
Laurie’s Thoughts



4 thoughts on “Meeting Laurie”

  1. Hello Laurie, Such a TRUTH to your most recent blog post. God is the TRUTH. Congratulations on your ministry to help women. Our only purpose on Earth is to be a Saint and be in the presence of God in eternity. Focus on Beatific Vision. To Know, To Love, and To Serve God, and bring our children to heaven. And to pray for all Souls to heaven. God Bless You.

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